Prisma Matrix digitizes communication with the employees

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Prisma Matrix facilitates bilateral communication within a company and supports the HR self-service process

  • Flexible app – Fully developed by the Research and Development department of Quartz Matrix, the app can integrate various modules, depending on the needs and specifics of the client's activity.
  • Target and KPI tracking – Both employees and management will be able to track the set targets, their level of fulfillment and the level of performance achieved.
  • Tutorials – Direct communication with employees done through strategically positioned screens in the company, gives them the right information at the right time.
  • Self Service HR – Employees can submit, through the app, requests for leave, certificates or leaves of absence and will receive a response via e-mail or text message. All e-documents will be stored in a digital folder, which can be accessed by employees and management, depending on the security settings chosen.
  • Suggestions & Feedback – Feedback questionnaires can provide valuable information about employees' perceptions of management, current projects, or future ones. At the same time, digital suggestions can offer a new perspective or new ideas, which can improve or change certain processes.

Display possibilities and vast interactivity

Dedicated to the Human Resources Department

Improve the relationship with employees by reducing the waiting time at the HR office to obtain certificates or to apply for leave. Keep employees informed about the status of their requests and send them clear messages via SMS / e-mail or any other preferred communication channel.

Dedicated to the Maintenance Department

Display information for the efficient organization of work interventions: current day maintenance, intervention alarms and notifications, tickets in progress or in stand-by, parameters monitored from equipment, etc.

Dedicated to the Production Department

Display information with applicability in various production departments: days passed since the last work accident, target for the day, timers, LED displays for efficiency monitoring and permanent control of the workload, tutorials, etc.

Dedicated to Management

Through the Prisma Matrix system, management can inform employees about projects, policies, activities, expectations, targets, desired results, etc.

Prisma Matrix
Product range

Digital Signage

Receiving requests info-point

GDPR Ready

Secure access for each employee in compliance with GDPR rules.

100% customizable

Multiple customizable areas and templates of data management and ways of displaying information.

Employee customized access

The touchscreen and scanning function allow the user, by entering identification details or badge scanning, to view information of personal interest and to make requests to various departments.

Suitable for employees without PC

It offers employees without PC or e-mail access the possibility to access information and files existing in the internal network or in other online applications.

Wide variety of documents

It allows the administration and display of multiple file types: images (.jpg .png .tif .gif etc.), video, text, documents.

User friendly

Easy to use interface, with functions accessible even for people with a basic level of PC operation.

Right time and right place information of interest for the employees

- Display all types of company procedures to ensure maximum impact

- Increase efficiency and motivate employees by providing information, production statistics and KPIs:

> Employee of the week

> Product of the month

> The level of fulfillment of the target versus the proposed one, etc.

- Display work procedures, best practices and remind employees of the importance of work safety

- Reduce risk of injury by ensuring that employees have access to all pieces of information

Automate the process of displaying information of interest for employees

Prisma Matrix allows you to automatically retrieve data and information from various files and documents

Automatic display in the right place, at the right time
Employees benefit from information of interest for carrying out daily activities in a timely manner
The displayed data is updated on its own without external intervention

Information for each employee

Facilitate the interaction of employees with information of interest dedicated to them. Through touch screens, they can select, open, search and view various types of files specific to the departments they belong to.

Each employee can check the level of fulfillment of work tasks, performed versus planned, timekeeping, availability of leave days, certificates, certifications, etc.

Reduce the response time in the process of requesting and issuing HR documents

By entering the identification details or badge scanning, the user will be able to view information of personal interest and make requests to various departments.

The info-point with touch screen offers employees the opportunity to check their leave days, request leaves of absence, days off / holidays, various certificates for different needs (town hall, hospital, school, etc.).

Secure login

Secure access for each employee in compliance with GDPR rules.

User access

Through the touch screens, the user can select, open, search and view various information: timekeeping, certificates, individual results, availability of leave days, etc.

Requesting certificates

Increased ease and flexibility for obtaining documents