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Get operational
Energy efficiency

By using EN.EF (Energy Efficiency) system you will get operational energy efficiency through monitoring energy consumption, tracking settled consumption budgets and fast identification of areas of high consumption. EN.EF system is an essential instrument for monitoring electricity consumption and assuring a performant energy management in the context given by 121/2014 Law regarding energy efficiency and in supporting the implementation of ISO 50001:2011 standard.

Real time monitoring solution for



Compressed air

Compressed air

Natural gas

Natural gas



Thermal energy

Thermal energy

Benefited from energy consumption monitoring services and solutions

maintenance management

Monitoring energy consumption through European POIM funds at Infopress Group

For several years, the company has been considering the implementation of an energy consumption monitoring system in order to reduce the costs of electricity, natural gas and compressed air consumed for nothing or lost at the enterprise level.

maintenance management

Monitoring electricity consumption with EN.EF.

The customer needed a system that would provide real-time data on electricity consumption, so that he knew exactly how much the energy cost represented from the production cost.

Benefits of using the telemanagement system

EN.EF is an energy management system suitable for situations where daily and real-time monitoring of energy consumption is difficult to perform, involves high costs or requires dedicated staff for this activity.

It brings off remote reading and energy management for consumption points spread over a large geographical area (area, county, region, country).

Indispensable tool for developing the strategy regarding the management of energy resources allocated to the company by the coordinator of the energy management program (energy manager) by capitalizing the data obtained by the system, in order to make energy efficiency decisions and reduce energy costs

Highlight consumption and implicitly the costs necessary for the operation and the residual ones

Real time monitoring of consumption and distribution system for energy and utilities

Avoid paying penalties due to exceeding the peak loads, the system generating alarms at preset limits

Use the data obtained obtained to generate the forecasted consumption, implicitly to the realization of the energy efficiency plan and to the choice of the optimal contract and supplier when purchasing energy

Determine exactly the energy efficiency of production locations or areas

Evaluate the energy efficiency of consumption reduction and energy intensity measures by comparing data

Evaluate the energy efficiency of the company's technologies, the evolution of their energy parameters, operation time, malfunctions in the operation regime

Functions of the energy management system

Measures the quantitative and qualitative parameters at which the energy consumption and internal distribution is made

Collects data and forms the database for history

Generates and publishes reports, which are configurable on user profiles

Measures energy and utility consumption (electricity, water, natural gas, thermal energy, compressed air)

Transmits this information to the energy management console and dispatch

Generates alarms and real-time control

Displays the measured quantities via the human-machine interface and retrieves, through it, the configurations and commands

The system is fully developed by the Research and Development Department of Ouartz Matrix. In this respect, the application can be customized according to the specifications identified at the client's and in accordance with his needs and expectations. The system can:

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online accessibility


Be accessible from any location for authorized users, via the Internet, through dynamic web pages

configurable user profile


Be configured according to the type or profile of the user

report generator

Report Generator

Automatically generate reports at programmable intervals



Offer the possibility to organize measurement points in any configuration (e.g. cost centers, production areas, etc.)



Provide flexibility in integrating a multitude of meter types from different manufacturers

Who can use


- For energy budgeting of cost centers and activities;
- Tool for evaluating the efficiency of reduction actions;
- To identify the proper areas for introduction of technologies to reduce energy consumption;
- Tool for raising awareness of discipline of resource use and environmental efforts

Technical department

- To track the consumption and distribution parameters, the quality of the agent and the distribution;
- Data analysis in order to identify and eliminate internal distribution losses and inefficient use;
- To prevent damage by setting alarms and analyzing incidents.

Commercial department

- Tool for calculating energy intensity for locations or areas;
- Tool for calculating the percentage of energy costs from the operational cost;
- Tool for allocating energy costs to profit centers.

The setup of the energy consumption monitoring system ENEF is performed by equipping with metering, monitoring and control equipment, provided with data communication interfaces connected to a management console and dispatch.

What is the win of
Energy management?

Energy consumption control

You know at any moment how much energy is consumed in each point of consumption, regardless of their location or number. Thus, you centrally control from anywhere the energy consumption, check the compliance with the estimated consumption, quickly detect the consumption anomalies (overruns or lower consumption).

Time and money

The measurement and retrieval of energy consumption data is performed automatically, through the ENEF system, without the need for human intervention or travelling to the point of consumption. All you have to do is access the ENEF software application from your laptop, PC, tablet or phone and view the consumption data for each monitored point, from anywhere and anytime. Eliminate the cost with dedicated staff for reading meters and travel costs. ENEF ensures a centralized, simple and effective energy consumption monitoring.

Taking the right decision

ENEF will help you take energy management decisions by using: real-time consumption data, consumption history for each monitored point, reports on the evolution of consumption rates over periods of 1 day / week / month / year.

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Hardware and software feature modules

Measurement of quantitative and qualitative parameters at which the energy consumption and internal distribution is made

Transmitting this information to the consolidation point

Generating alarms and controls in real time

Generating and publishing reports, configurable on user profiles

Displaying the measured quantities via the human-machine interface and retrieving, through it, the configurations and commands

Data collecting and compilation of databases for history

Software app

Configuration of the structure: system - data collection channels, communication protocols, collected metrics, alarm generation thresholds and their transmission on reporting groups (profit centers, technological lines, lots), historical reports structure (metrics), presentation mode (graphical or tabular) and time periods

User authentication – logging user actions

Display of collected metrics in real time (numeric, graphic or combined)

Remote generation and sending of alarms and reports (tabular and / or graphical) - automatic or manual

Tracking budgeted metrics (energy consumption for cost centers, units, areas, periods)

Ensures the access of authorized users to real-time data, historical evolution reports of consumption rates for periods of 1 day / week / month / year, charts of these metrics for various periods of time. The generated reports can be downloaded in Excel / CSV / PDF format. An application module allows the automatic sending of reports for a certain time, for certain metrics, via e-mail messages, to a list of users

How it works

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