KMR maintenance management system

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KMR este un sistem modern pentru optimizarea si managementul mentenantei destinat planificarii si organizarii fluxului de activitati de mentenanta al utilajelor si echipamentelor dintr-o fabrica, companie sau cladire de birouri.

KMR integrates IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and can automatically retrieve from equipment or machinery useful information for maintenance management, such as: operating time, vibration, temperature, level, flow, or concentration.

How it works

Senzorii montati pe echipamente capteaza si proceseaza date in cronologistik, apoi informatiile sunt stocate si analizate in contextul inregistrarilor efectuate. Acest proces creeaza oportunitati valoroase. In primul rand, tehnicienii isi pot programa interventiile pe baza analizelor de mentenanta predictiva si, astfel, pot repara un echipament inainte de a intra in downtime. In al doilea rand, chiar daca are loc o defectiune neasteptata, echipa de mentenanta va fi informata imediat printr-un sistem de alarmare.

Mentenanta corectiva/ accidentala

Mentenanta preventiva/ planificata

Alarms and notifications

Predictive maintenance

Ticketing – work tasks assignment

Configurable roles and persmissions

IoT module – real-time monitoring

Spare parts and accessories management

Machinery and equipment management

Diversified reports

Deployments of maintenance management system

Industrial compressed air audit OMV Petrom Comelf We permanently collaborated with Quartz Matrix team and we managed to bring the working mode from the application as close as possible to the working mode from the section. KMR is a systematic and detailed software that allows us to Read more Comelf Comelf Chipita Tehnoplus Medical Service Considering that the main fields of activity are production, merchandising and service of medical equipment, we wanted to monitor and streamline the maintenance and service process Read more Arctic Implementare sistem mentenanta KMR IoT To maintain the quality standards and offer the best services to the clients, ETNIS company looked for solutions that would allow it to follow the state and the values, as well as the control of the parameters from the heating systems. Read more Logo Comelf Artiflex By using KMR at Artifex, we have managed to achieve our aimed targets: a detailed register of all our equipment, a preventive maintenance plan and cutting maintenance costs. Read more Comelf Industrial compressed air audit Industrial compressed air audit

Measurement and monitoring of KPI

Efficient administration of maintenance management activity
  • Multiple work points setup
  • User access control: roles, rights, access areas
  • Nomenclatures: revision type, equipment and consumables categories, service providers, working procedures
  • Custom alerts and notifications setup
  • Import-export Excel data
Efficient management of technicians' activity
  • Work tasks assignment (tickets, requests)
  • Acces la resurse: manual de service, istoric interventii, situatii similare etc.
  • Real-time alerts, notifications, and information
  • Mobility - web interface (laptop, tablet, phone)
Specific reporting
  • Reports on workloads assigned to technicians
  • Reports on materials (top costs or uses)
  • Reports on equipment (costs, overhauls, number of overhauls)
  • Reports on revisions and interventions (top costs, delayed or planned)
Budget control
  • Necessary materials planning
  • Cost control
  • Stock control
Consumables management
  • Controlul stocurilor: alerta prag minim, evidenta stoc in multiple puncte de lucru
  • Cost control
  • Planificarea materialelor necesare in cadrul interventiilor
  • Necesar consumabile
IoT module - automatic retrieval of useful information for maintenance management from equipment / machinery
  • Timpul de functionare
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Debitul
  • Concentratia


Configure the list of existing equipment in the factory with all the necessary information (technical specifications, images and technical documents)

Customize the maintenance plan

Add tickets / report problems to the maintenance team related to the operation of the machine

Access to the events and interventions history

Access to reports and statistics (KPIs) and to machine operators activity reports

View in real time of the working order of the equipment by viewing the values sent from the sensors

Validates the tickets that appear in the system, signaled by the machine operators, depending on their type: electrical, mechanical, technological failure, etc.

Monitor and complete the daily / periodic maintenance assigned to the machine

Materiale de

You always have the presentation of the maintenance management at a click

Smart Maintenance sau

KMR Industrial IoT can automatically retrieve data from sensors and networked devices, this representing a new stage in the concept of automation. This system allows data collection, sharing in a central server and analysis of results to obtain specific reports on the necessary activities related to preventive and predictive maintenance.


More info about KMR IoT system

This contributes to:

  • Analysis of complex actions that have not been within eyeshot so far
  • Increasing efficiency and reaction time in production
  • Useful resource management
  • Increasing employee productivity due to obtaining information from several devices that communicate with each other and download their interconnected data in a central system
  • Improving the quality and quantity of data collected, as well as the reliability of assets and streamlining of maintenance resources
  • Display the collected data in an easy-to-read manner through dashboards and charts
  • Secure data sharing with key staff outside the organization. When the maintenance team and external technical experts have access to common data, they can solve problems faster and make changes to help reduce downtime

Useful information retrieved through

operating time

Equipment operating time

Contorizarea timpului de functionare al utilajelor/ echipamentelor ofera un control optim al uzurii generate in timp prin planificarea mentenantelor predictive si preventive in functie de indicatiile producatorului. Separa timpul de rulaj in gol al utilajului de cel de lucru, evidentiind informatii la secunda despre tipul (in cazul in care operatorul abuzeaza de masina) si timpul (masina a fost pornita 8 ore, dar a lucrat efectiv doua ore) de utilizare a utilajului.


Orice echipament ofera in prealabil anumite simptome inainte sa se defecteze, iar nivelul de vibratii este principalul parametru prin care se poate identifica gradul de uzura. Principalele tipuri de defecte ce pot fi depistate: dezechilibru al pieselor in rotatie; fixare slaba; defect rulment; dezaliniere; defect, uzura roti dintate; socuri, varfuri; lagar; cavitati, probleme de curgere la pompe.



Temperature is the parameter by which the quality of the oil in the installations, engine flaw, electrical panel flaw, etc. can be deduced. When temperature value goes out of the set tolerance range, it is sent an alert that allows the technician to prevent a serious malfunction.


Monitoring level to detect fluid shortages or overflow will help prevent damage to gears, installations or inadequate set ups.



Controlul corespunzator al presiunii va ajuta sa detectati in timp util pierderile pe traseu la instalatia de aer comprimat si, astfel, sa mentineti constanta performanta echipamentelor si sa evitati pierderi financiare (printr-un orificiu de 1 mm intr-o retea de aer comprimat cu presiunea de 7 bar, se poate ajunge la pierderi de peste 6 MWh/an).

Directii de business

Industrial producers


Service companies



Universities and



Public administration


Hospitals, polyclinics


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Planning, monitoring and effective deployment

Say goodbye to papers, cluttered files or maintenance and interventions files! Maintenance management is now extremely simple, fast and effective. You have access at any time to the information of interest, to be able to make quick decisions efficiently.

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Asigurati functionarea continua a echipamentelor si reduceti downtime-ul. Preveniti aparitia defectiunilor accidentale, reduceti uzura componentelor dinamice si statice. Reduceti costurile totale de mentenanta prin monitorizarea starii tehnice a echipamentelor si comportarii acestora in timp, in vederea stabilirii necesarului de lucrari de la prima reparatie planificata.

Aplicatia are capabilitatea de a va atentiona inainte ca un utilaj sa se defecteze. Totul se realizeaza prin integrarea tehnologiilor IoT ce preiau automat de la echipamente/ utilaje informatii utile despre starea de functionare a acestora.

Control over activity

You have an overview of the maintenance activity, as well as specific information to each action implemented or planned. You have full control over the whole activity (equipment, materials, people in charge) and over the costs involved.

Equipment management

Complete database with all the equipment subjected to maintenance / reparation. Add here all the equipment with the following details: name, inventory number, location, warranty period, commissioning date, operating meter, images, additional data of interest.

Overhaul / interventions management

Planning and maintenance / interventions management for each equipment: type of overhaul / maintenance, responsible technician / supplier, date, alert, status, diagnosis, tasks, used materials, associated documents, costs.

Materials management

Real-time access to updated information about the materials needed for maintenance / repairs: name, manufacturer, existing stock, price. Material lists can be imported and exported from Excel files.

Ticketing module

Reduceti timpul de raspuns prin alocarea sarcinilor de lucru catre tehnicieni (tichete/solicitari), evaluati personalul si intocmiti rapoarte de activitate. Distribuiti in mod echilibrat sarcinile si monitorizati eficient activitatile si productivitatea angajatilor.

Utilajele inregistrate in sistemul cronologistik sunt asociate unui cod QR unic, care odata scanat permite tehnicienilor logati in sistem sa inceapa rezolvarea tichetelor atribuite per fiecare utilaj. Astfel, este inregistrata activitatea angajatilor si statusul tichetelor.

Pe langa gestionarea tichetelor, simpla scanare a codului QR ofera angajatilor autorizati acces instant la informatii despre utilaj (specificatiile tehnice, istoricul mentenantei, ore de functionare, status revizie, manuale de utilizare si orice alt material necesar pentru desfasurarea activitatii).

Registry and activity history

Arhivati in aplicatie orice material pe care il considerati util pentru activitatea de mentenanta - manuale de utilizare a echipamentelor, manuale de service, procese verbale etc. Aveti acces rapid si facil la istoricul reviziilor si interventiilor pentru fiecare echipament. Astfel, va puteti stabili cu usurinta necesarul de materiale si lucrari in functie de situatiile de la reparatiile anterioare.

Specific reporting

There can be generated 10 types of reports for:

  • materiale: top utilizari, top costuri, detalii utilizare material
  • echipamente: top numar revizii, top costuri revizii, detalii revizii echipament
  • revizii/interventii: top costuri, revizii/interventii intarziate, revizii ce urmeaza conform contorului de functionare, situatii similare
  • sarcini de lucru alocate tehnicienilor: tichete si solicitari, manuale de utilizare a echipamentelor, manuale de service, procese verbale, istoricul reviziilor si interventiilor pentru fiecare echipament

Perform analyses and make decisions based on specific reports generated from the application, extremely useful information for: management, economic department and maintenance department.

  • validati calitatea activitatilor de lucru; puteti detecta rapid echipamentele cu defectiuni frecvente, pot fi identificate actiuni abuzive sau irelevante, zonele ce dau cele mai bune rezultate si care sunt zonele in care se inregistreaza pierderi
  • gestionati inventarul si raportarea bugetului in functie de necesitati
  • puteti afla informatii legate de echipamentele mai eficiente sau mai slabe in functie de cele care produc cele mai multe cheltuieli de intretinere (top cheltuieli, top utilizari, top revizii etc.)
  • optimizati activitatea angajatilor si productia utilizand previzionate
  • analizati impactul masurilor implementate
  • dovediti eficienta in management si productie a companiei pentru atragerea de noi contracte

Sunteti informat in timp util cu privire la activitatea desfasurata. Interventii rapide pentru corectarea neregularitatilor. Aplicatia dispune de interfata web ce va permite accesul la informatii in permanenta de oriunde este internet, indiferent daca utilizati calculator, tableta sau telefon mobil.

E-mail and text message notifications and alerts

Simplificati procesul si cresteti rapiditatea efectuarii interventiilor de lucru. Aveti acces in timp real la informatii/decizii, aveti siguranta ca informatiile exacte si detaliate sunt transmise catre persoanele potrivite, la momentul potrivit.