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Evaluate energy performance and identify points to reduce consumption



Monitor consumption and streamline the use of energy resources and utilities



Plan maintenance, reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency

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“We constantly develop high quality services and offer complete and innovative solutions, based on the latest technologies, so that all our clients to always achieve their goals.”

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Turnkey energy efficiency
Industrial energy

Benefit from a whole and clear image of energy efficiency (by energy segments: electric, thermal, compressed air) for the company's internal processes.

Find out which are the wastage on the input areas, production, distribution and consumption and identify measures to improve energy performance.

Improvement solutions

Maintain a high level of electrical energy quality to achieve high efficiency in operating consumer equipment and machinery.

Rely on authorized services for the design and installation of energy equipment.

Improvement solutions


IoT allows the transformation of a factory into an ecosystem in which all the machines used in the production process work harmoniously. Switch from a closed communication system to an open one in which the factory and the equipment send to you real time consumption, operating state, alerts, notifications so that to streamline production, correct possible errors and reduce expenses.

Energy management system

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industrial energy efficiency OMV Petrom Complex energy audit Conturul auditului s-a stabilit la nivelul: plecarilor din tabloul general de distributie, pompe chillere, centrale de tratare aer, statia de compresoare, masini de injectie mase plastice, iluminat, hala asamblare linie pompe si linie asamblare unitati carburant. Read more Continental Continental Arctic Delphi Implementarea sistemului ENEF Fabrica avea nevoie de un sistem care sa ofere in timp real date despre consumurile de energie electrica. Astfel, s-a instalat ENEF pentru peste 80 de puncte de masura. Read more Delphi Complex energy audit Audit electoenergetic complex pentru posturile de transformare, tablourile locale de alimentare a consumatorilor unde s-au realizat masuratori pe fiecare plecare activa si cazane de abur. Read more OMV Petrom Successful projects energy management energy manager energy efficiency OMV Petrom Audit
The energy contour was established at the level of the pumps for supply of raw material, the inputs in the energy contour being considered the measurements performed at the supply bars of the pumps. Read more
Comelf Comelf Arctic Implementing the e-Net system The factory needed a system that provided real-time data on electricity consumption. Thus, e-Net was installed for over 80 measurement points. Read more Arctic Implementation of the KMR system Sistem KMR pentru managementul mentenantei a ajutat la simplificarea procesului de depunere a solicitarilor de mentenanta, la rezolvarea problemelor de urmarire a activitatilor de lucru, de gestionare a pieselor si de urmarire a istoricului de interventii. Read more OMV Petrom Successful projects energy manager energy efficiency

Industrial compressed air audit With the implementation of KMR we have more efficient processes, shorter time in operations


Cenusa Gheorghe ( General Manager Comelf )


The main thing we gained with the transition to the KMR system was that it helped us simplify the process of submitting maintenance requests. It helped us solve the problems of tracking work activities, managing parts and tracking the history of interventions.

With the help of KMR, the intervention time has been reduced both by the information received in real time and by the ability to automatically generate notifications for the planned maintenance and by the ease with which the information is transmitted. We also easily follow the processes from the department and generate activity reports

Read more

Mihai Barbarosie (Energy Manager)


We confirm the quality offered by Quartz Matrix company within the project for carrying out complex energy audits for the three SILCOTUB factories in Calarasi, Zalau and Campina.

A Quartz Matrix team was dedicated to performing measurements, taking data from our installations, interpreting and analyzing them. As a result of the analysis performed, for each factory, a plan of energy efficiency measures was developed. For the three factories, we were proposed 15 measures that would lead to a total saving of 887 toe/year. Thus, we recommend Quartz Matrix to other companies for performing energy audits.

Liliana Stefan ( General Manager )

Tehnoplus Medical Service

Luand in considerare ca principalele domenii de activitate sunt productia, comercializarea si service-ul echipamentelor medicale, ne-am dorit sa monitorizam si sa fluidizam procesul de mentenanta si service plecand de la fluxul intern actual al documentelor. Astfel, impreuna cu echipa Quartz Matrix, am personalizat fluxurile de lucru din aplicatie si am modificat fisele de lucru dupa modelul intern: fisa constatare tehnica, fisa intretinere/ revizie periodica, fisa reparatie accidentala, instalare, actualizand interventiile cu statusul potrivit: programat, ofertat, comanda, facturat, anulat etc. Odata cu implementarea KMR (KMR fosta versiune a solutiei Q.Leap 4 Maintenance) avem procese mai eficiente, timp mai scurt in operatiuni, astfel incat sa alocam resurse pentru imbunatatirea serviciilor oferite clientilor si cresterea afacerii. Rolul sistemului KMR pentru managementul mentenantei este primordial pentru ca ne ajuta sa fluidizam cat mai mult procesele din spate, permitandu-ne sa urmarim in timp real activitatile de service planificate si sa mentinem o evidenta a clientilor si o situatie actualizata cu interventiile.


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