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Quartz Matrix, authorized partner for APC industrial UPS

The experience of Quartz Matrix specialists in the field of UPS technology is translated into the services offered through an approach that starts from the analysis of the production flow and the role of each piece of equipment.

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Single-phase and three-phase UPS for:

UPS implementations

Advantages of industrial UPS

Industrial UPS
Solutions and services

Quartz Matrix offers complete energy back-up solutions, customized for each project, aiming at both quality equipment at European standards and specialized consultancy in identifying the best solutions, integrate them into the existing networks, installation, use and after-sales services for all equipment in this segment.

Deployment process

- Measurements on energy quality (working parameters);
- Sizing of the system based on measurements: the necessary power, the desired autonomy (there is the possibility of extending the autonomy with additional battery cabinets) and the importance of the equipment in the production flow;
- Designing the electrical installation according to the industrial UPS solution (sizing of the cable network, of the protection equipment), and depending on the application we can include a maintenance bypass;
- Implementation by certified staff;
- Commissioning by following the procedures established by the manufacturers (important aspect for the warranty);

APC authorized maintenance services

Keep your installation operational

Quartz Matrix provides maintenance services, UPS battery testing, overhauls and interventions, battery replacement, battery supply and alternative solutions.

Quartz Matrix professionals are authorized by ANRE and have Schneider Electric courses and specializations, accredited in thermographic testing, with a rich portfolio in industrial UPS installation and service.

UPS for data centers and industry
(12 - 200 kVA)

UPS for workstations
and AV equipment

UPS for network equipment and servers
(500 VA - 30 kVA)