Preh Romania

“Preh România S.R.L. is expressing appreciation for the collaboration with Quartz Matrix.

Our collaboration with Quartz matrix started in 2014 following the purchase of the e-Net energy monitoring software.

In 2021 we decided to take an important step: The transition to the new software – ENEF. Initially, just one basic module on the whole energy consumption side, but in a short time we also upgraded the sensory side to monitor the temperature and humidity inside the production halls, along with an email and SMS alarm module, very important if the thresholds set in critical areas are exceeded. Recently, we have extended the software by integrating pressure sensors linked to solenoid valves that keep the network pressure within the limits set for proper operation.

ENEF, the software for energy management, has helped us monitor energy consumption and analyze in detail the areas of consumption, make and report to the EED – ANRE/ME, and base intervention decisions so that we can reduce unnecessary consumption. In addition, with the help of ENEF software, we can closely monitor critical areas where certain conditions (T&H) need to be maintained to ensure that production process parameters are met, and we can ensure that installations are protected and less downtime through rapid intervention in the event of alarm or fault.

In conclusion, we recommend Quartz Matrix as a professional and reliable collaborator for any company it links with.”