Tehnoplus Medical Service

Considering that the main fields of activity are production, merchandising and service of medical equipment, we wanted to monitor and streamline the maintenance and service process starting from the current internal documents flow. Thus, together with Quartz Matrix team we customized the workflows in the application and modified the worksheets according to the internal model: technical finding sheet, maintenance/ periodic revision sheet, accidental repair sheet, installation, updating interventions with the right status: scheduled, offered, ordered, invoiced, canceled, etc. With the implementation of KMR we have more efficient processes, shorter time in operations, so as to allocate resources to improve customer service and grow the business. The role of the KMR system for maintenance management is primordial because it helps us to streamline the back processes as much as possible, allowing us to follow in real time the planned service activities and to keep track of customers and an updated situation of interventions.

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