Harmonic filtration


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Solving electricity
Quality problems

In the processes in which electricity is used, it is necessary to maintain a high level of electricity quality, in order to obtain high efficiency in the operation of consuming equipment and machinery.

We offer specialized consultancy to identify the most suitable solutions

We evaluate the quality of the supplied energy by monitoring all the electrical parameters in the supply points as well as the disturbances introduced by the consumers

We elaborate the implementation project

We analyze and identify the source that generates the symptom and the points where interruptions can occur

We determine the type of disturbances the frequency of existing harmonics and generate solutions that eliminate problems directly from the cause

We carry out the work

Advantages of harmonic filtration system implementation

Prevents break down, excessive heating and getting in a state of protection of the equipment
Gets the electrical network to nominal working parameters
Reduces the current distortion factor
Increases the power factor
Increases energy efficiency and reduces energy consumption

Causes of power quality disturbances

Generated problems

Shortens the utility life of the equipment
Overheating of the conductive elements which can cause the insulation to break and produce short circuits
Increase of power losses (energy) on the network elements (cables, transformers, etc.) due to the circulation of additional currents (harmonics)
Distortion of the current waveform affects the fuses / switches that become sensitive to additional heating and can lead to their sudden operation
The presence of current harmonics in the neutral conductor can lead to its overheating and increase the risk of fires
Reducing the power factor that leads to additional costs by increasing reactive energy consumption
Unnecessary expenses in the form of solutions implemented to misdiagnosed problems