Reactive power compensaion using capacitor banks


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Advantages of automatic capacitor banks:

Eliminate the penalties in the electricity bill caused by the flow of inductive reactive energy
Reduce pollution generated by electricity distribution networks
Increase the power factor in the consumer supply network, which means active energy savings
Stabilize the voltage along the cables and decrease the probability of flaws at consumers
Provide high yield to electrical equipment connected to the network and high capacity of transferring power through cables


Low voltage capacitor banks

- Compensation of the power factor of a group of consumers
- Central compensation, by connecting a supply station to the supply bar

Quartz Matrix, based on the measurements performed, sizes the compensation batteries. Their price is amortized in a few months from the savings obtained by eliminating the reactive energy component from the bill.

High voltage capacitors

- Quartz Matrix capacitor banks 400 V – 700 V

The capacitors used are sized based on the values of the real voltage found out from the measurements in order to resist much better the voltage fluctuations or the possible malfunctions that may occur.

Structure of an automatic capacitor bank

capacitor bank
1 Bar distribution system
2 Fuses
3 Ventilation thermostat
4 Contactors
5 Regulator
6 Fan
7 Capacitors
8 General switch


The amortization of the investment is less than 1 year for professional equipment. A cheaper initial purchase can cause problems during the life of the investment. The best price is not always the best choice. Improper sizing of equipment or improper configuration can limit the performance of the new installation or lead to extremely unpleasant events: overcompensation or amplification of harmonic distortion. harmonic distortions.

Aspects that differentiate a quality equipment from a less reliable one over time

Quality contactors: Quartz Matrix uses the best quality equipment. Optimal adjustment steps: Based on the study and measurements Quartz Matrix recommends the optimal solution in terms of cost / benefit. For example, for a 200 kVAr bank, Quartz Matrix can provide steps of 5 10 15 20 25 25 25 25 50, compared to other manufacturers that provide: 25 25 25 25 50 50.

Because the beneficiaries have several energy consumers that come into operation and come out randomly, it is necessary for the equipment to be able to ensure the target power factor when there are few in operation but also when most consumers are in operation at the same time.

According to the example mentioned above, Quartz Matrix low voltage capacitor banks can provide 5, 10, 15 and 30 kvar (keeping functional step 5 and step 1) while the alternative equipment cannot provide 5, 10, 15 or 20 kvar, but only a multiple of 25. When the equipment cannot provide the volume absorbed by the network (e.g. 20 kvar), the consumer absorbs that amount from the energy supplier's network. It is metered and billed. In this configuration, other equipment is inefficient, they can be 5-10% cheaper initially, but Quartz Matrix capacitor banks recover very quickly the cost difference through efficiency in operation.

Capacitor banks
20 kVAr, 5 steps

Capacitor banks
100 kVar 6 steps

Capacitor banks
200 kVar 5 steps

Capacitor banks
200 kVar 5 steps